Dear Department of Education….

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Dear Department of Education:

Please allow this letter to serve as official correspondence regarding my student loan account. When I first began college in 2004 for the second time, I had no idea of what I was getting into in terms of student loans. Wanting to better the financial situation of my family by obtaining a Bachelor Degree to go along with my Associate Degree, I took out a loan for four semesters in order to pay for my education at Webster University. The supposed low percentage rate and ability of the funds made it an easy sell.

But, let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy. Every month, you get a payment from me via direct debit out of my account. Every month I scowl at my balance knowing that a repayment is eminent. I cannot run from my responsibilities. But it is hard, so hard. I make this payment every month without fail like I am supposed to.

I have been your whore, along with millions of others for over two years.

And today, I found out some very shocking information. After not receiving my tax return on the date given on the website, I called the Internal Revenue Service to check-up on the status of my funds. I was put on hold. Then put on hold again. Then put on hold again.

I was then given the number to your office, The Department of Education.

It seems you have taken my tax refund.


I pay EVERY month as specified in my payment plan!

When I first began paying you back, I did miss several payments. But since that time, I haven’t missed any payments in over a year. I receive my statements from you like clockwork showing my balance.

Why did you take my tax return?

Department of Education, you owe me an explanation. A very good one. I await a response.

Sincerely Yours (for what it seems for all eternity),

The Cubicle Chick


  1. says

    Girl every time I think about student loans I think I am going to have more degrees that you know. LOL! Every time repayment time comes I will be enrolling in someone's schools. Yep. LOL!

  2. Terri K says

    Oh man, they took it and you weren't even notified? It should be a law that you have to be notified! In your case it sounds unjustified, but justified or not there should still be notification.

    Hopefully you can get this straightened out, they give you your refund back & you charge them interest.

  3. hsl says

    they did the same to me took all of my tax return which was around 5000 dollars without any notification, can not describe in words what a shock and horrible feeling it was and they really do have some serious heartless scumbags working for them


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