‘Flo the Progressive Insurance Lady’ is a Cubicle Chick Indeed

“…and we’re walking…”

Yes, you know her. She is Flo, the animated and heavily made up cashier at the fictitious Progressive store, who gives tours, tells jokes, and is overall, a cool chick. After seeing her commercials repeated daily, I changed from Geico to Progressive off the strength that Flo was more entertaining than the Caveman.

Since about 2008, Flo has been a staple in our pop culture. Seen on billboards and even coffee mugs, Flo has become famous in her own right. She is a cubicle chick because while working, she is able to maintain her quirky personality (plus her top lid liquid eyeliner eases my soul)! As a matter of fact, I wanted to be Flo for Halloween this year but nixed the idea since I’ve decided to dress up as Ne Ne from RHOA. Flo is a little Amy Winehouse mixed with a little Peg Bundy– a woman who I am proud to call a Cubicle Chick. She’s working for a living and trying to have fun doing so.

Here’s to Flo, the Progressive Insurance Lady. Long may she reign.


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