Latest Fashion Buzz: Boots with the Toes Out–Yay or Nay?

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I am not a shoe addict (mostly because I cannot afford the type of shoes I really like), but I do indulge in a few staples when the seasons change. In the fall and winter, I enjoy a good boot. They are fashionable and can be worn with almost anything because of the wide variety of styles available. A sexy boot with a nice heel length warms my heart, and during this time of year, you can be sure to find me in the streets of St. Louis in a fly pair of boots.

For a year or 2, a new style of boot has been introduced to the fashion mainstream—a peep toe boot that gives your feet some play while in a boot. It goes against everything a boot is supposed to stand for—a great fashion alternative for colder weather, a peep toe boot doesn’t play fair when it comes to freezing temps. So what gives?

The peep-toe boot trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. According to Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, “We’re seeing a lot of winter boots with an open toe and towering high heels… This has status implications, implying the message that you get out of the car and get onto the red carpet. You’re not trudging through mud and snow. There is a definite combination of sex and status. These boots have a look of power.”

But how many of us lame regular folk are appearing on the red carpet? How realistic is this look for us?

I obviously would not wear an open toe boot in freezing temperatures and in snow, but on a mild fall day, they kind of had me at HELLO.

What are your thoughts, readers. Are boots with the toes out yay or nay? Is this a viable fashion option for the un-Hollywood elite? Sound off below!


  1. says

    My thought is this: a peep toe boot is like a sleeveless turtleneck. I live in the Midwest, with lake effect snow. Not for me. They’re cute… for Miami Chicks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Monica says

    Yay!!!! I have a lot of open toe booties and I absolutely love them. I live in Washington, DC area; however, I don’t wear my toes out in the snow but I do bring my open toe booties to work and change when I get there. When the weather permits I wear them outside too. They are sexy with your toes manicured.

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