Are Guys Breaking Up with Girlfriends Because Valentine’s Day is Approaching?

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Last Saturday, I was chilling in my Cubicle home office closing out a few projects and I received a text message from a girlfriend saying that her boyfriend of one year had broken up with her. They had been having problems for a few months now, so it didn’t come as a surprise to me. Fast forward like an hour or so later and my BFF called and said that her man of two and a half years sent her a “Dear Jane” email breaking it off. Now this shocked me because I thought they were headed for marriage. I consoled her for as long as I could and continued about my business. Later that same day, I logged into FB and saw two statuses from my girls saying they were single now as they were just broken up with by their boyfriends.

Is there an epidemic I don’t know about? Or are guys breaking up with their girls because Valentine’s Day is almost here?

I don’t know the inside scoop on what happened with my girlfriend’s and their men, but I do know that they felt the break-up was sudden. Which leads me to believe that it may have more to do with the impending day of love than anything else.

I’ve heard this notion before—some guys have joked that girlfriend season begins around fall time and ends right before Valentine’s Day. The reason? What real gentleman wants to spend dough on their girls on an expensive gift and pricey dinner when they can just cut them off and be single and get their freak on?

No harm, no foul.

And while I would like to think chivalry is indeed not dead, I can’t give many men props in this area—the stuff I see on Twitter and Facebook and other social networks indicate that guys are still in the neanderthal era thinking with their dicks and wallets and not much else—rather than spend Valentine’s Day with a girl they really dig, they would rather throw in the towel and keep their coin.

Houston, we have a problem.

Who said it’s all about how much money you spend anyway? Women spend money on their men as well on V-Day, so you breaking up simply because you don’t want to spend the money is really stupid. I hope your peen falls off and and is never found. You could be missing out on a good thing because you are a cheap bastard.

To my girls, I say good riddance. It’s good they showed you their true colors now than to continue on with a dude who has no class whatsoever.  It’s better for you to be single than be with a turd.

Readers and foes, chime in please. Are guys breaking up with their girlfriend’s because they don’t want to spend money for Valentine’s Day? I am anxious to hear your responses.

And if there are guys that are reading this and actually want to get something for their significant others for V-Day, check out for affordable Valentine’s Day gifts she will love. Even if you are a cheapskate with miserly ways, they’ve got something to fit your budget!



  1. says

    I don’t know if guys are breaking up with these ladies to get out of buying a gift but it could be. I mean it’s not just about a gift or spending money but Valentines day might be the wake up call those guys needed.

    People get comfortable in a relationship that isn’t working. I think Valentines day may serve as the wake up call. Like I don’t love you and this isn’t working. Why should I buy you a gift? Good question self…I shouldn’t!

    The real question is are females trying to latch on to guys to get a gift? I’ve had 3 random females to contact me. I might have to blog about
    afreshmusic�´s last blog post ..American Idol Season 10- My Review and Thoughts New Orleans

    • says

      @Afreshmusic—According to Twitter and my FB page, men are admitting it all over the place. So it’s a proven fact. But I, like you, agree that $$$ isn’t the true meaning on V-Day. I guess others don’t believe that. I will await your post about the fellas side. LOL. :)

  2. Amy Carver says

    I cen totally relate to this subject. My boyfriend of 11 months broke up with me on Valentine’s Day. Lets go back a few days, I had asked him what he was doinf on monday ( V-Day ) and he said he was golfing with the guys and then going to his bowling league. I was so frustrated and upset. I told him, you do realize its valentine’s Day right? He replied oh I didnt even realize. So I decided to wait it out. The big day came and he still golfed and bowled. He never put me in his equation. that night he called me around 10 pm and we ended up getting into a verbal arguement and he broke up with me. He really did show his true colors. Men are so anal.

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