Salon horror stories: My 5 examples of services gone wrong

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I am a girl who enjoys having a spa or salon service pampering whenever time allows, or my wallet gives its blessing. Being pampered is a way that I thank my body for being good to me, and thus, I am in the trusted hands of an esthetician, a masseuse, a hair stylist, a nail technician, etc. But what happens when you purchase a service from a salon or spa and are met with horrible results?

It’s happened to me one times too many—which is why I only patronize a select few spots here in St. Louis with my beauty needs.

Here are my five examples of a salon service gone wrong:

  1. The “supposed” facial: In 2005, I went to a local salon here in St. Louis for a facial. Its upscale decor and atmosphere had me thinking that I would also receive that type of service. NOT. The facial as the worst I have ever had the experience of having and she used items that could be purchased at Sally Beauty—she applied a hot towel to my face that was straight out of the microwave (YES!) and almost burned me to smithereens! It was a horrible experience and I have never had anything close to that type of facial again.
  2. The “nipper”: In 2008, I went to get a manicure with a gift certificate I was given. My usual nail technician was out sick so I was serviced by her sister, who I had previously watched do other people’s manis. She was on the phone the entire time gabbing away about Facebook drama, and before I knew it, the cuticle nippers were moving to and fro and nipped a huge gash on my finger. Blood squirted everywhere! It was horrible.
  3. The eyebrow lighting incident: In 2007, I decided to get my eyebrows lightened just a tad. My mother had this process done and hers looked fab so I went to the same girl who did hers. After she applied the lightening agent, she walked away and after 10 minutes, it started burning. I called her to come back over and she said that since my eyebrows were so dark, I needed to have it sit on my eyebrows more in order for it to lighten. After about 20 minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore—I had her remove the dye and I looked crazy! I actually had blond eyebrows!
  4. The scalding hot pedi: Earlier this year, I went to a spa that I had been to many times before. I sat down for a pedicure and put  my feet into scalding hot water. It was so hot, as I removed my feet, it felt like my skin was peeling off. Suffice to say, I have not been back.
  5. The eyebrow “arch”: About 10 years ago, I got my first ever eyebrow arch. I was very apprehensive about getting them done but I wanted to achieve a more polished look. I got them waxed and then plucked, only to see after it was done that they were thin and uneven and simply horrid. It took about a month for them to grow back in and it took me another year or so to go back and get them arched professionally again.

What are some of your salon horror stories? What have you done to avoid being “stung” by a spa or salon? Leave a comment and lets chat!

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  1. Ms Tiffany says

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one with horror stories. I’ve never had a problem with facials, but it’s been years of battles with my brows. Everything from having the wax burn me when I was 20 to having way too much hair waxed or threaded away. I’m in the process of growing out my brows now. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Ms Tiffany, Thanks for commenting. Brows and anything hair related is the worst because it takes time for it to either grow back or get corrected. Going to a salon or spa should be a rewarding and fabulous experience. :)

  2. says

    I went to a spa a few years ago and while I was having my nails done, the technician asked me where I worked. At the time I was working for a religious nonprofit (I won’t name them here. Don’t want to give them any bad SEO.) Anyway, she replied by going on a tirade about how much she hated that religion, that organization, etc., etc. It was incredible. I couldn’t believe it. Not only did she insult my employer, she also insulted me as a supporter of them. AND, since I happen to be a member of that church, she insulted my religion too!

    The good news is, when I submitted the horror story via the spa’s website, the owner called me to apologize. She was so embarassed and you could tell she was planning to have a meeting with her employee. In fact, the owner was the same religion as me!
    Annie Was Here�´s last blog post ..Fun With Poachers

    • says

      Annie, this is what happens when someone gets diarrhea of the mouth! You weren’t there to get her opinion on religion, you were there to have a pleasant spa experience. But I am glad the owner contacted you to resolve the issue—I love that! Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. says

    Visiting a salon or spa should ALWAYS be a fun, relaxing & pampering experience! As the customer, YOU are the most important thing and should be treated as such! Also, if you are spending the money, you should be receiving adequate and excellent service! Hopefully no more horror stories for you, but we’ve all had them!
    Go!Spa�´s last blog post ..Spring Cleaning @ Go!Spa

  4. says

    I’ve had an eyebrow waxing incident, where a big clump of flesh was removed from my face because the wax was too hot. Luckily the wound healed and there’s no scar!

    I’ve had several horrible visits to hair salons, where the person ends up pulling out handfuls of hair and makes my hair into a rat’s nest, and then asks me to brush my own hair because they don’t know how to deal with my hair. I’m now afraid of hair salons and haven’t gone to one in 10 years!
    Jeni�´s last blog post ..Celebrities With Bad Plastic Surgery

  5. Jess says

    I am dealing with a nightmare right now. My (former) stylist
    ~burned my scalp to the point I needed medical care
    ~gave me a cut that could be best described as a “bagectomy” or total removal of bangs. As in the left side cut to 1/8 inch, the right much longer
    ~hair extensions that fell off within the hour. The glue stayed though.
    Stylist refused to address issues, Salon owner tries to get me in for correction, oh, but I would have to pay

    These 2 women literally spend 3 hours a day, each creating google, yahoo ECT accounts, and then posting glowing reviews of the shop to drive up ratings. It’s just sick

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