Coach Hosts Evening of Cocktails to Benefit Children’s Defense Fund (Pics)

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Coach is a label that has a tradition of style and fashion. Mix that with giving back to a cause worthy of support and you have an evening filled with cocktails, shopping, and philanthropy. Coach invited Hollywood’s most fashionable and glam ladies yesterday for an fete that featured mixed drinks and shopping, which benefited the Children’s Defense Fund.

Take a look-see at these photos of these fashion femmes who have a giving heart:

Actress Garcelle Beauvais

Actress Jennifer Garner

Pregnant ladies Alyssa Milano and Selma Blair

Actress Joy Bryant

‘Mad Men’ star Christina Hendricks

Actress Rashida Jones

Alyssa Milano is “glowing”. Pregnancy certainly agrees with her

Photo credit: Wireimage/ Getty Images



  1. says

    Coach will always have a special place in my heart! It was my first designer bag brand & you could not tell me anything. I was the flyest girl in the world when carrying my Coach purse and that fact was not up for debate, lol!

    Garcelle is always fly! I love that she’s one of the few celebrities who doesn’t use the services of a stylist. I’m going to take off 2 points because her blouse’s fit is not good. If the fit was better she would be killing the it! The green looks great on her and her makeup is pretty.

    Jennifer Garner… Nice. Safe. Nothing spectacular.

    Alyssa and Selma are glowing! They chose nice dresses to accomodate the baby bumps. Selma needs to send me that clutch!

    Joy Bryant is my style twin. I love her. She really gets and embraces effortless style. I love what she’s wearing. Great fit, complimentary colors, and the right amount of accessories. She looks very stylish and comfortable.

    Christina Hendricks is rocking the classic Coach Station Bag and a chic all black jumpsuit. I like it. I just wish she had carried the bag on her shoulder instead of draped across her body like a harried commuter trying to deter purse snatchers, lol!

    Rashida Jones looks cute. I love the necklace and shoes. I’d love to see the ensemble sans the jacket and that junior high hairstyle :/

    I just love Alyssa Milano. We grew up together. Not literally of course, lol!

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