Help Me! The Walls Are Closing In!

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Not sure where to start with this, so here it goes…

Last year, my family and I moved from a larger home to a smaller one due to the fact that I was no longer working full time and had guaranteed income at my previous employer. My blog was less than a year old and I wasn’t really bringing in much of an income and bills were piling up. We needed relief, so my family and I decided to move into smaller digs, renting a condo in the area. Things have really been going well for us for a year now (we’ve been here since July) and this place is slowly closing in on us. I am used to having more room—a family room and a finished basement for starters. Our condo is nice but not nearly as big as what we are used to. And with the costs of renting a storage space where we are keeping our extra furniture and overflow, we need to go ahead to get a bigger place. We are literally bursting at the seams!

As an only child, I have come to love having my space. I like having room to myself. And I miss having an actual office. Right now, I office at the dining room table and its so inconvenient at times. I miss having separate floors and multiple bathrooms. We need a new house!

We have been househunting off and on for the past three to four months and haven’t been able to find anything. The kids need to stay in the same area so they don’t have to change schools, but there isn’t a lot of rent in the nearby area that is sufficient. I am thankful for even having the nice place that we have now, but the walls are closing in on me. I am not sure how much longer of this we can take.

Winter is coming soon, and I would love to be moved into a new home before the cold winter comes. We just put in a new application on a three floor townhome about five minutes away from where we are now, so please keep your fingers crossed that we get it. I have had some past credit snafus when I lost my job and fell behind on some bills. I am hoping that it isn’t bad enough that it will keep us from getting approved for this spacious new home.

Why are we renting, you may ask?

Well, to be honest, after my son graduates next year, moving to a warmer climate may be an option. I can see myself living in St. Louis for another year but after that—not so much. Renting would give us the opportunity to fulfill our lease and move to a different location if we so desire. So buying property is not really prudent in our case.

Here’s hoping that the next blog post I write is telling you good news. God knows we could really use a new place.

Say a prayer for us, will you?


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    I right-sized two years ago. Had to, best decision I’ve made was to sell the big marital home. But I admit, we have less room now. Little storage, so I just got rid of all the extra stuff. We all share one bathroom. I don’t want bigger now, but I feel your pain. We’re on top of each other in the common areas. But it is a single detached home and has the bedrooms we need. The plan is to stay here until the kids graduate. Good luck finding what you need.
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      Roxanne, thank you. I will say that over the past year, downsizing has allowed us to get caught up on bills and save money. It was what we needed at the right time. Thankful for the place we have now—just need a bigger place. :)

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    Thanks for being so open about your right living quarters. Our family of 3 is in a 2 bedroom apartment which is an adjustment for me because I had a 2 bedroom condo with a 2 car garage all to myself when I was single.
    We need MORE space because my son likes to run and jump. The people on the first floor have complained about his feet (I don’t know why when he only weighs 24 lbs.) so I’d love a yard for him to play in.

    Saying a prayer for your family & that your credit is a non-issue for the leasing agent/owner of the condo you’d like.
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    Definitely know how you feel–I am very ready to relocate myself! Unfortunately, I have a few more years before I can, so I’m stuck. :( -Having a separate space to work and create is so important–I know how that is too!! I’m definitely sending prayers up for you and your family that you’ll be spending the holidays in a new home! :)
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    I swear we are living the same life, lol. I too live in St. Louis, and had been planning a moving to Los Angeles, CA until my mom had to undergo emergency back surgery this past May. We live in a three floor, three bedroom town home in Bridgeton, and I am suffocating. As of now our plan is to try and find a bigger place in the same school district (my 7 year old couldn’t bare to leave her friends, unless it’s a move to California) immediately, and then we plan to move to LA once my mom is done with physical therapy, which should be around the time school goes on summer break, but before the fall starts. I hate winter here!!! Anyway, best of luck on everything!

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      Tabitha, hello fellow STLien. First of all I hope that your mom continues to recover from her surgery. It sounds like you are a great daughter and it takes a lot to take care of a parent AND parent your own children. I hope once she recovers, you are able to make your way to Los Angeles. Keep me posted.


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