Long Hair Don’t Care (Pics)

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A few weeks ago, I decided to transition from my short funky cut to long layers. I loved (and still love) my short cut but I must admit, I get bored with my hair. I like to switch things up, so I consulted my stylist, who gave me long layers with the help of a weave. The results are below:

Most of these pictures were taken in the last 3 weeks, and as of yesterday, I no longer have the long, 18 inch weave. With all of the traveling I do, it was too much upkeep—but I opted for a swing bob, which is a little longer than my short crop, but not nearly as long as my previous look. I will take a few pictures of my new look soon.

What can I say? I guess I am a chameleon of sorts—you never know what I am going to try (or what type of hair I will be rocking) next.



    • says

      I don’t even know where that wig is anymore. I think you like it because it’s the first look you saw me in. I will find it for you when I move and wear it one day when we are together. :)

  1. Elane says

    Having long hair is indeed a wonderful thing rather than having it short. There are alot of hair styles one can get by their long hairs. But with short it is only limited.
    Elane�´s last blog post ..how to stop hair loss

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