Rolling in the Deep: Adele Graces the Cover of Vogue Magazine

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At this point in time, Adele can do no wrong. After undergoing throat surgery on her vocal chords last year, and winning 6 Grammys for the songs that made up her latest album, ’21’, Adele is the IT girl of the moment. She’s got a voice that seems to be the perfect serum for whatever is going on in your life. And she has made it to this point doing it her way—no gimmicks, no dancing and elaborate stage shows—just her and her voice—-what a magic combination.

Adele graces the March U.S. cover of Vogue, and may I say, she looks fabulous! After being chastised by Karl Lagerfeld for not being a skinny-minny, it is refreshing to see a real woman on the cover who many of us can identify with.

Below are pictures from her Vogue spread. Adele, we love you!

 Photo credit: SR


  1. Chivonne says

    I love Adele, her voice is awesome and her whole packaging is gimmick free. Here’s hoping she triggers a return to the days of music being for the ears and heart more so than the eyes!

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