Rolling in the Deep: Adele Graces the Cover of Vogue Magazine

At this point in time, Adele can do no wrong. After undergoing throat surgery on her vocal chords last year, and winning 6 Grammys for the songs that made up her latest album, '21', Adele is the IT girl of the moment. She's got a voice that seems to be the perfect serum for whatever is going on in your life. And she has made it to this point doing it her way---no gimmicks, no dancing and elaborate stage shows---just her and her voice----what a magic combination. Adele graces the March U.S. cover of Vogue, and may I say, she looks fabulous! After being chastised by Karl Lagerfeld for not being a skinny-minny, it is refreshing to see a real woman on the cover who many of us can identify with. Below are pictures from her Vogue spread. Adele, we love you!  Photo credit: SR


  1. Chivonne says

    I love Adele, her voice is awesome and her whole packaging is gimmick free. Here’s hoping she triggers a return to the days of music being for the ears and heart more so than the eyes!

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