25 Brown Bloggers You Should Be Following

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I have been wanting to do this post for months, but finally decided to do it, being that it is Black History Month, and a celebration of our contributions to America and the world. There are so many blogs out there that I read—some of them are huge blogs and some are very small. I do not read blogs based on their size but rather on their content. It is all about quality and not quantity for me.

A huge faction of blogs that I read are from Brown Bloggers—as a blogger of color myself, I enjoy supporting others who are working to get to the next level just like I am. So I wanted to point them out and make you familiar if you aren’t already reading their blogs. Hopefully, you are able to add them to your reader or subscribe to their feeds and share them with your friends as well.

And my list is not just of African American bloggers—I have included other “brown” bloggers in the mix as well.

Some people on this list are people I personally know, but I read their blogs just the same. Some of them are people I wish I knew or hope to meet in person one day.

Here is my list of 25 Brown Bloggers You Should Be Following+ 1 That’s Not: (in no particular order)

1. Rae Lewis Thornton– Diva Living with AIDS Blog

2. Smart Money Chicks– financial literacy and money

3. Prune Juice Media– politics, pop culture, and government

4. The Beauty Elixir– Beauty blog by make-up great Tia Dantzler

5. Uncommon Chick– Personal blog with great anecdotes

6. Mommypalooza– Latina Mom blog

7. Swa-Rai Fashion Blog– Fashion and beauty blog

8. Houseful of Nicholes– Mom and homeschooling blog

9. Michelle Obama Watch– All about our FLOTUS, Michelle Obama

10. Divas and Dorks– Tech and fashion blog

11. Glamazini– Natural hair, beauty, life, and so much more!

12. Gimme That Glow– Beauty and fashion blog

13. Mami 2 Mami– Latina Mom Blog

14. Good Enough Mother-Mom Blog written by Rene Syler

15. Afrobella– Written by the “Godmother” of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice Yursik

16. Brotha Tech– Tech blog

17. 12 Machines– Tech and gadget blog

18. Miss Jia– Gossip and entertainment blog

19. Yes, Divas Can Cook– Food and recipe blog

20. Little Tech Girl– Tech blog infused with family interests

21. Home Girl Blog– Mom blog

22. Mommy Talk Show– Mom and parenting blog and vlog

23. Dirty Pretty Thangs– Realness

24. The Curvy Fashionista– Fashion site for the curvy and fabulous

25. Dream and Hustle- Tech, Business, & Lifestyle Spot for Urban Entrepreneurs

+1 26. Scott Hanselman– Scott is an honorary “brotha” and writer of Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen.

What do you think of my list? And most importantly, what other brown bloggers should I be following? Comment below and let me know!


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      Hey girlie! I will most certainly stop by your blog. I, too, blog about lifestyle work, life, and play, so I really like to visit sites that discuss some of the same things I do!

      Thanks for commenting :)

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    What a great list!!! Love connecting with other brown bloggers! Gotta support each other!! I blog over at Mommy Glow, I talk parenting, living, and loving! Come check me out and maybe next year I’ll make the list haha :)

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    First off, thank you for adding me to this list. I’m very grateful and honored. That type of acknowledgement makes me feel good, considering that I’m just now finding my blog mojo and have been ON it. This gave me an extra kick!

    I will def. check out the blogs on this list. I’m always looking for more blogs to get into, rather than your typical one. I appreciate this list and will share via twitter.
    Miss Jia�´s last blog post ..Ban Children, Keep Pedophile Preacher

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    I could have SWORN that I cam through here in all of my excitement, but I see that I have forgotten one more thing. Please forgive me for my late thanks! I love this list, and not just because I’m mentioned. It really does cover the realm of brown bloggers and show that we are multifaceted!

    Thanks so much for the feature. I’m going to be clicking on some new links this week!
    N. Nicholes�´s last blog post ..Large Tote Bag Show & Tell


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