Who’s Fab: Study Says Mac Users Are More Fashionable Than PC Users

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I giggled when I saw this come across my Facebook timeline. According to a recent study (with nicely created infographic), Mac users tend to be more fashionable than PC users. Well I’ll be!

A data retrieving site by the name of Bundle gathered information from over 700,000 Mac and PC users about their shopping habits and how and where they spend their dough. The study concluded that Mac users tend to shop from more affluent stores like Jimmy Choo while PC users shop more at places like Old Navy that tend to be a lower price point. Even when bargain shopping at outlets, Mac users do their shopping at labels like Coach. PC users spend their outlet money at places like Columbia Sportswear.

What do I think about all of this? While I am a bonafide Mac user, and I am quite fabulous, I find this study to be a little suspect. Before I was a Mac user, I was a PC user and I still shop at the same places I did then as I do now. So the thought that Mac users are more trendy that PC users might look good on paper, but I don’t believe will hold up well against more comprehensive data.

According to the Huffington Post, where this article was derived, Mac users tend to be younger and more tech savvy, thus they may spend more money on higher end brands. But we all know that real fashion isn’t about brand names and labels—it’s about how well you are able to put together a unique and fab look creatively on your own.

Money has nothing to do with it.

Below is the infographic given in the article that gives you a bird’s eye of the data from the study aesthetically.

What are your thoughts? Are you a PC or a Mac? And do you think PC users are less fashionable than Mac users? Comment and sound off!

Source: Huffington Post Style



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    Makes you wonder if Apple is behind this??? I have a Mac, stylish but I’m 49! That’s funny! I don’t own a pair of Jimmy Choo’s , but I do have several Coach bags, some inherited from my mom, and the others I always get at a discount…always. Tell ya my secret later.
    Whitney Eiland�´s last blog post ..12 Things We Must Do For Ourselves

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