NBC’s New Series Fashion Star Promises Immediate Fashion For All

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I am a sucker for fashion competition shows (see my love for Project Runway), and I so enjoy watching creative designers bring their clothing to life in such a limited amount of time. NBC is aiming to capitalize on the reality fashion competition realm with their new primetime show, ‘Fashion Star’, which premieres tonight (3/13/12) on 8:30pm, 9:30pm EST. The program focuses on 14 designers who “pitch” their original creations to a judging panel consisting of three retailers: H&M, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Mentors to the contestants are fashionista Nicole Ritchie, multimedia star Jessica Simpson, and American fashion designer John Varvatos.

H&M’s Nicole Christie will have the arduous task of deciding whose fashions and styles match-up with the affordable clothing retailer. She will also have to bid on the items that she wants against the other judges from Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, which will probably make for interesting television.

I think the best feature about the show (and what makes it different from other shows of this nature) is that viewers have the opportunity to purchase the winning designs immediately after the show. I love this idea, because as a real-life fashion lover, I want to feel that I too can wear what I see during the competition. It gives the this show a more “realistic” feel because the fashions are obtainable.

The fashions will be available online at http://www.HMfashionstar.com/.

Says H&M’s Nicole Christie:

“H&M is really excited to play such a key role on ‘Fashion Star.’ With Elle, Jessica, Nicole, and John’s input, these designers will strive to impress all of us on the panel along with the viewing audience. The concept of selling the weekly winner’s designs immediately after the show was so appealing to us and allows fashion to be accessible for all.”

“The show is extremely competitive and my main priority is to choose garments that work into our current merchandising mix and reflect our brand. We want to show everyone involved and the viewers alike that fashion is not a matter of price, added Christie.”

Supermodel Elle Macpherson is an executive producer of the program and also serves as the host.

Will you be watching Fashion Star? And if you have watched it already, what are your thoughts?

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Special thanks to Laura for the press release and info!


    • says

      Whitney, I watched it too and I my expectations were low but they really surprised me. It was entertaining and I love how you can buy the fashions immediately after the show. I will be watching the next episode.


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