Travel Tips: What Music Do You Like To Travel To?

As someone who travels a lot, I have become accustomed to having my iPod with me at all times. When I am in wheels up in the air, I have to have my iPod blaring in my ear while listening to one of my many iTunes playlist. I am always open to listen to new music, and I love discovering new singers and independent artists. Having a dope travel soundtrack to listen to when flying the friendly skies or even trekking it on the chain is critical. Music is such a big part of my life, so I could not even imagine not having it with me when I go on my travels. Below is my latest travel playlist that I created: Jill Scott- Golden Mary Mary- Walking Yolanda Adams- Open My Heart Notorious B.I.G.- One More Chance (remix) That Thing- Lauryn Hill Who Am I to Say?- Hope Love on Top- Beyonce Tiny Dancer- Elton John American Boy- Estelle Fergie- Glamourous Landslide- Fleetwood Mac Enjoy the Silence- Janita All of the Lights- Kanye West Firework- Katy Perry Poker Face- Lady Gaga You Send Me Swinging- Mint Condition Unwritten- Natalie Bedingfield Because of You- NeYo Good Life- OneRepublic Number #1 Hit- R. Kelly We Found Love- Rihanna Solange- I Decided God In Me- Mary May What are some of your favorite music tracks to travel to?


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    I feel the exact same way. Music makes trips so much better. If Im driving I need something fast to keep me singing and hype. If Im flying I need something that will calm my nerves. I need something that I wont have to skip any tracks on either.

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      Kymberly, girl music is my life! I acquaint everything with my life to music. My memories are based on what songs were out at the time and such. Traveling without some type of music would be insane for me. Thanks for commenting.

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    Hey Danyelle, just to name a few on my list when I hit the friendly skies:

    Mary Mary: God in Me
    Tribe called Quest: Electric Relaxation
    Beyonce: Love on Top & Crazy in Love
    Jay-Z Empire: State of Mind
    Lauryn Hill: Ex-Factor
    Marsha Ambrosius: Far away
    Kanye West: Good Life
    Jill Scott: Golden
    Biggie: Sky’s the limit
    J.J. Fad: Supersonic (lol, dont laugh i’m a lil old skool)
    EPMD: You gots to chill (yep still old skool)
    Tony, Toni, Tone: Feel good
    Mary J. Blige: love no limit
    Lucy pearl: Dance tonight
    PM Dawn: Set adrift a memory bliss
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  3. Martha says

    I am impressed with your song selection. I could definitely relate listening to them when taking part in a long travel. Thanks to ipod, traveling does not have to be lonely. Thank you for sharing.
    Martha�´s last blog post ..DTS Home

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