Fashion Fab: Find Your Magic Event with Laura Kathleen at Macy’s

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Written by Fly11, Fashion Chick, The Cubicle Style Contributor

Macy’s “Feel the Magic” campaign organized a fashion event on March 10th featuring fashion designer Laura Kathleen of Project Runway as host here in St. Louis. The programming included a hip fashion show highlighting Spring 2012 fashion trends and a styling challenge for audience members that toted a $100 Macy’s gift card as it’s prize. The environment was absolutely electric as weekend shoppers stopped by to catch the show. Some came haphazardly while others like 14 year old styling challenge winner Carly(pictured below) seemed to have been awaiting this moment all week.

Laura Kathleen of Project Runway and Fashion Blogger Fly11

Prior to the start of the event, I got a chance to sit down with the lovely Laura Kathleen for an exclusive interview discussing everything from life after Project Runway to her creative focus for her Fall 2012 collection. She is, my friend…well at least in my head. It was difficult to stop talking to her and the event organizers did the best they could to remind me that I was not hanging out with Laura on a fashionable Saturday afternoon but instead she and I both were working and we had a schedule to stick to. I eventually let them have her back but still remain  impressed with how friendly and inviting she was despite her drop dead gorgeous looks. A privilege to speak with her, indeed.

Click HERE to watch the insightful interview with Laura Kathleen.



During the Macy’s fashion show that Laura hosted, she taught the audience about fashion’s biggest Spring trends for 2012. Checkout the trends and the models wearing them below in order to get your closet in gear for our “just around the corner” Spring season.

Color Blocking:

Spring Fashion Trends 2012: Color Blocking

Use a variety of solid prints to "color block"

This trend made a comeback several years ago and still maintains it’s stronghold on the fashion industry. This technique is best done with bold colored solids. Begin by selecting colors you like mixed together such as those in your favorite grey, pink, and white tee. Using these colors for your color scheme, select solid colored pieces to wear together. Sticking with said example, a white top, grey skirt, and hot pink jacket. Of course the other option is to buy pieces that have already done the color blocking for you. Just remember that the trends focal point is segmenting color into sections…NOT matching. Notice the amount of different colors the model is wearing.

Floral Prints:

It doesn’t exactly take an industry expert to project              floral prints will be a hit during the season best known       for “blooming.” However, the fashionizer can recognize the distinctive difference in the types of floral patterns. This Spring season, focus on floral patterns that feature smaller and more subtle floral designs with a backdrop.







Pops of Color:

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends: Pops of Color

Red shoes and a yellow handbag are used for "pop"

Many of the looks showcased in the Macy’s Fashion Show integrated small amounts of bold and bright colors to add “pop” to the style. This trend is best accomplished when wearing a neutral palette of colors in your outfit. I love to use my accessories to add “pop,” but it can be done with articles of clothing just as well. When choosing a color for pop, ensure it has “notice me” potential and complements the rest of the colors in your outfit’s palette.







Bohemian Funk:

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends: Bohemian Funk

Blend Bohemian Styles with other hot trends to give it "funk"

All the earthy girls will be excited to embrace this trend this season. In keeping with the earth tones, loose fit and flowing cuts, and nature themed prints and patterns that are typical of the bohemian life, this season they’ve decided to spice it up. By blending two trends: bohemian and print plus pattern mixing, we arrive at what is being called “bohemian funk.” A more eclectic take on a somewhat safe trend. Get into bohemian funk by looking for items that have an edgy feel while still staying true to it’s bohemian nature.


Mixing Prints and Patterns: 

Spring 2012 Fashion Trends

Louder pattern vs. Smaller Print

This is probably the most difficult trend to pull off but when you get it right, it can be SO rewarding. The mixing prints and patterns trend is not always kind as we watched it create an “ouch” moment for Laura Kathleen on Project Runway. Nonetheless, here’s a tip Laura gave us Saturday to help decrease the risk of a fashion fail ===> louder vs. smaller. Choose either a bold print or pattern to mix with a more subtle version of it’s opposite. For example, bold print = smaller pattern. You also can mix patterns with other patterns. Just be sure to maintain your focus on balancing out your look by using the “louder vs. smaller” rule.

After the Fashion Show, audience members were selected to complete a style challenge for a chance at winning a $100 Macy’s gift card. Checkout Photos from the Style Challenges below

Shopping with Laura

"Shopping with Laura" Style Challenge Winner

Carly, the Red Carpet Event Style Challenge Winner who made her own top


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