Are You a Pregzilla? TV Producers Are Looking For Couples For Reality Series

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As a lifestyle blogger, I get some pretty interesting emails. One that I received earlier this week was especially interesting, so I thought I would share.

According to the emailed press release, Doron Ofr Casting and a major cable company are looking for couples to star in their reality series, ‘Pregzillas’. As you know, WE TV’s Bridezilla franchise has been on TV for years, and this just may be a “sister” program in that franchise.

Press release:

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 10, 2012) – Doron Ofir Casting and a Major Cable Network officially announce the nationwide search for pregnant women with big personalities to share their stories while they are expecting. The epic casting company behind Millionaire Matchmaker, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Drag U and Jersey Shore are looking for expectant mothers to take us on a journey through the sometimes irrational, decidedly demanding, high maintenance wonderment of pregnancy.

Now casting the humorous and crazy side of pregnancy!

For the first time ever, enthusiastic mothers-to-be and their significant others will get the opportunity to express themselves and everything that they go through when expecting in the ultimate video diary through these life changing moments.

“I think women are the most beautiful when pregnant, it’s with respect and curiosity I chose to explore the madness behind the glow” says Executive Casting Director Doron Ofir

Females and their partners who appear to be between the ages of 21-35 and want to take part in this brand new docu-series should apply online at

If selected, the couple will receive an episodic stipend of $5000.00

Basically, if you are a crazy pregnant couple, then they want you!

Not sure if this is the kind of show I would watch (I have stopped watching Bridezillas many years ago), but it may be interesting. If you know a pregnant couple, show them this post. They could be stars!

What do you think about a ‘Pregzillas’ reality show?


  1. says

    What will they come up with next? When I was really watching reality shows, Bridezillas used to be one of them. That show irks me so much now. Pregzillas, can you imagine that? I see a hot mess in the making! Good luck!
    Whitney Eiland�´s last blog post ..Inner City Blues

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