Why I Am Still Using My Android Phone After Buying an iPhone

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I blogged a little over a month ago about finally jumping onto the iPhone wagon. After being anti-iPhone for years, I found it necessary to switch over. I have a MacBook and the iPhone was the eventual next step. But I still had my T-mobile account, and had just paid my bill, so I was in no hurry to switch over fully. My plan was to switch over and pay the early termination fee, but I can’t seem to move forward with it. Why, you may ask? Because I am still kinda sorta in love with my Samsung Galaxy II S.

I haven’t fully drank the iPhone Kool-Aid. Yet.

As much as I love the iPhone 4 S (and Siri is the bomg.org), I still use my Android. I love the bigger, more colorful screen. And the camera is simply superb. I want to let go. And my wallet needs me to let go. But I can’t. At least not yet.

I wish I could honestly say what is keeping me on the Android OS. The iPhone integrates so well in my life and all of my social networks. Many of the apps that I have on the Android, I have on the iPhone. But I thought once I got on the iPhone bandwagon, I would instantly fall in love with it and say good riddance to my Android. But I am not fully an iPhone fangirl.

Another reason why I think I am still attracted to my Android is because I have 4G service on it. My iPhone is a little slow (it’s s 4 S but still is working on 3G), so when I have to do something in a pinch, and I am not on wifi, I am drawn to my Android.

Samsung made such a fabulous phone that I cannot fully tear myself away just yet. Even though I know I should. It’s silly to carry around two phones all the time. And costly too.

I thought the iPhone as going to change my life—and it hasn’t. I am not upset for getting an iPhone, but I am not in love with it as much as others are. I guess maybe it will take time.

What is your take on the iPhone vs. Android debate? Are you Team Android or Team iPhone?

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  1. says

    While I do have an appreciation for iPhone and i do use an iOS device as far as my phone is concerned, I prefer Android. iPhone is easier to figure out and they often get exclusive apps that Android may not get right away…Instagram, being the perfect example. But I like Android better because of the bigger screen and it’s more customizable. I can make my phone MY PHONE. So as far as tablet, iOS hands down, but as far as a phone, Android wins for me…

  2. says

    Ok, so I don’t think you have to be mad crazy in love with the iPhone. I love my iPhone because I’ve had one since they were first produced. I think that people are often confused when they hear about the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3. Those are generation numbers and not data connection numbers. The iPhone 4s is like saying it’s the four-and-a-half year old version versus the four-year-old-version.

    Anyway, you have to use the technology that works best in your digital lifestyle. For me, I’ll stick with the iPhone without any reservations. :-)
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  3. VivaLaBrandi says

    I’ve been team iPhone since its birth. It’s the best phone I’ve ever had & I’ve had em all. Then again I’ve had my iMac 8 years & my MacBook 3 do in biased.

  4. says

    I feel you. I’m an android girl myself, my Droid x reach term and I was looking at the iPhone 4 I window shop for weeks I just couldn’t get myself to do it.
    I ended up with the Samsung infuse 4g this baby is WOW!
    there’s another way to still keep your android phone once you cancel you can order a T-Mobile compatible sim card from straighttalksim.com your coverage should be abt the same for 45$ its pay as you go so.
    I’m glad to know Im not missing anything with the iPhone LOL
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  5. JaTara says

    This is a toughie because while I carry an Android phone, I do own an iPod Touch that I use solely for running apps. While I know that Android has ways more apps than Apple, I find Apple’s strict App Store guidelines mean that I almost never download and install crappy apps or updates that force me to reset my phone (which has happened at least once).

    I’m enjoying my Android phone for now, but may looking at switching to the iPhone if I ever get that iPad3 I want.

  6. says

    I’m about to buy a smart phone but don’t know which one to get, should I go with Team Android or Team iPhone? I was hoping you were going to say you’ve fallen in love with the iPhone, as that’s the one I secretly want. I think Apple have developed a stylish brand and the phone itself is undoubtedly sleek and stylish. However, the Android phones have a lot going for them, as you mention there is the larger screen size, which is always welcome.
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  7. says

    I am Team Android all day. I like both phones but it’s something about my Android, my special apps, and the design of my phone. My sister had an iPhone for years and gave it up for an Android. She wanted a change.

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