Friday, April 20th Is National Blue and Green Day: Wear These Colors, Save a Life!

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Hi Cubes and Dudes! All across America on April 20th, people are participating in National Blue and Green Day to promote awareness for organ, eye, and tissue donation. According to Donate Life Missouri, each day, 18 people in the U.S. lose their lives while waiting on an organ transplant. This is because there aren’t enough donors to meet demand. So myself, and several other Missouri bloggers are standing with Donate Life Missouri and Donate Life America by participating in National Blue and Green Day. How are we participating you ask?

Can you say, Blue and Green Virtual Fashion Show? POW!

Blending my love of fashion and giving back, I am honored to be taking part in this fabulous event. And I hope that today, you, my readers will be rocking your blue and green in support of this wonderful cause.

When I first got my license (back in the olden days), I became an organ donor. Why, the easiest way to become an organ donor is to opt in on your license by visiting your license bureau. You can also become an organ donor by enrolling in the Missouri Organ Donation Registry. If you aren’t in Missouri, you can find out how to become an organ donor HERE.

It only takes a minute to register and you can save a life! What better gift to give?

Here is my look for Blue and Green Day:


If you are going to rock blue and green on April 20th, you can share your looks by logging on to Facebook at

Below are the other Missouri bloggers participating in today’s Blue and Green Virtual Fashion Show for National Blue and Green Day.

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