Skin Care Routine: How Do You Deal with Breakouts?

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Let me share something with you. I am a 36 year old (soon to be 37 year old) woman who still experiences acne breakouts. I used to think this would stop once I became a real adult, but here we are, and I am still getting pimples. It’s so un-fabulous but it’s pretty much a fact of life that I have been dealing with. My skin is okay—but around the time of the month, it erupts into something that can get pretty bad.

I’ve tried everything under the sun. Some things have worked, and some haven’t. Add my traveling to the equation and the different water types and climates and my skin isn’t always happy. Once I get into a good rhythm, bam! I go to a climate that shakes my skin up a little bit and the result is a full-fledged breakout.

My skin is oily/combination skin. Oily in the t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and dry on the cheeks areas. My pores sometimes get as big as moth balls. Other times, they look rather non-existent.

I’ve found Mario Badescu’s line works for me. I use his Acne Facial Cleanser followed by the Special Cleansing Lotion “C” for oily skin. I also make sure to moisturize and I use the enzyme acne serum at night for breakouts.

I also get my share of facials, which often leave my skin looking bad for a few days following, and then it clears up a few days afterwards. I have to make sure not to get a facial before an important event, or womp womp. Breakout city.

I also do the following to try to ensure clear skin:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Keep hands off of face
  • Change pillow cases regularly
  • Cleanse skin thoroughly at least 2 x’s daily
  • Never sleep in makeup

I think my skin care routine is pretty good, but sometimes, my skin doesn’t agree.

So the question begs: how do you deal with breakouts? What is your skin care routine? Help a sister out!


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    I very seldom wear makeup, especially during the summer months because I sweat a lot and this tends to clog my pores. I cleanse my face with Dove moisturizing cream bar for sensitive skin unscented followed by Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser. I’ve been using this for years and haven’t had any problems with breakouts.

    When you cleanse your skin, make sure you’re doing some type of scrub every few days in order to clean deep into your pores. You’re regimen looks fine, you may need to add some type of facial scrub in it, especially when that time of month rolls around. Also, make sure you’re using a toner/astringent (witch hazel is good for this) to close your pores after you’ve cleansed and before you put on your moisturizer and makeup.
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      Vivica, I’m a makeup girl, so that is something that must be accommodated. But I do think that sometimes I may not be removing all of the makeup from my face, and that may be an issue. Since I’ve been back home for the last few days, my skin has cleared up considerably, so I do think my travel schedule has something to do with the breakouts. Thanks for the comment and the tips!

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