DIY: 6 Ways To Spuce Up Your Child’s Room When Renting

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My family and I are currently renting a townhome, and it’s been pretty interesting trying to update our spaces to make them feel like our own. When you are leasing, there are things you can’t do to the rooms, like paint the walls a different color. When you can’t really do too much to your space, it make your home feel less like home.

My 8 year old daughter loves to play in her room, so it was my goal to make her space as creative and liveable as possible, while showing off her own personal style and personality. So I created a few things that spruce up her room that doesn’t break any of the stipulations in our lease or break any of the rules.

Here are 6 Ways To Spruce Up Your Child’s Room When Renting:

1. Personal Touch

What child doesn’t like seeing their name? I found this great magnetic board at J. Whitney Gifts here in St. Louis, and I got it personalized with my daughter’s favorite colors. On the board, you can display important school stuff, or simply leave your child a note that they can read when they get out of school. How fun!

2. Artwork:

Showcasing my daughter’s artwork in her room is a great way to decorate and show off her work. Currently displayed by her bed is a picture she created last school year which was showcased in the District Wide Art Fair in which she represented her school. It’s the same color scheme as her room and fits in perfectly. We used tape that is safe for walls to hang the picture.

3. Hanging Dolls:

These Gund Girls Dolls my daughter received to review earlier this summer not only are toys, but decorations. We left the hanging tag on the dolls (not recommended for smaller children since they are made out of plastic and can be chocking hazard) and use pushpins to hang the dolls. We scatter each doll around the room to create a theme.

4. Fab Pieces:

I’ve blogged about Ross Dress for Less a few times before, but they are a great spot not only for clothing items and shoes but for home decor! I got these fabulous pieces, all from Ross (priced from $4.99 to $10.99), and they make for great pieces to show off in my daughter’s room.

5. Bedding

Fab bedding can really set off a room. And it doesn’t cause any damage to your home. My daughter has several bedding collections, but this one is her favorite. It has butterflies on it, which is another theme in her room (as seen above).

6. Jewelry

If your girl loves jewelry, a great way to have your child keep up with it is to make it a part of her room! Simply use a pushpin that acts as a holder for the bracelets. These fun bracelets were made by my friend Rae Lewis Thornton from her RLT Collection and have now become a part of my daughter’s living space.

These are a few quick and easy DIY ways to spruce up your child’s room when you are renting. You can also add rugs, throw pillows, and other accent pieces to help decorate your child’s room. I hope these tips come in handy or spark your imagination! :-)

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