2013 Awards Season: Style & Fashion Trends and Who to Watch

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64th Primetime Emmy Awards - ArrivalsWritten By: Style and Fashion Contributor, Coco Michelle

Fashionistas unite! The fashion world’s version of the playoffs for Super Bowl is upon us. Awards season draweth nigh! Set your DVR, stock up on the microwave popcorn and hide the remote from your husband. It’s time to watch Hollywood stars pucker, primp and dress to impress.

In January and February, there are at least 7 awards shows celebrating the achievements of Hollywood’s movie industry.  The big four are The Golden Globes on Sunday 1/13 (read our predictions HERE), The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards on Sunday 1/27, Grammy Awards on 2/10, and the granddaddy of all awards shows, The Academy Awards on Sunday 2/24.

As Hollywood takes a few weeks to pat themselves on the back for a job well done, both starlets and veteran actresses train like marines in boot camp to prepare for their big Hollywood close up.

So, are you wondering why anyone should care so passionately about these Hollywood award shows? Well, it’s all about the fashion, hunny!

The 42nd Annual GRAMMY AwardsNo one can deny that celebs play a huge role in setting the pace for what’s hot and what’s not. What an actress wears on awards night can make or break her future career options.  Who can forget Jennifer Lopez’s floral Versace stunner at the 2000 Grammy’s or Halle Berry’s barely there dress at the 2002 Oscars?  Celebs don’t wield the same sway as the stars of old, but today’s celebs still influence most of us whether we like to admit it or not.  The twist is that today, the celebs also reflect the masses and then add their own flavor.

Trend Watch

When you watch the awards shows, try to spot the trends.  That’s the fun part! Be sure to scrutinize colors, dress lengths, hair, jewelry, accessories, lip colors, eyes and shoes.  Do you remember the bright, neon colors, bare décolleté and long, dropped earrings at the September 2012 Emmy Awards? Those bright colors were a bit of a revolt against the black, red and off-white many celebs wore on the red carpet earlier in 2012 at the Globes, SAG and Academy Awards.  It’s anyone’s guess what trends the celebs will embrace this year, but we predict a return to classic Hollywood glamour complete with bold, red lips, pin curls and soft waves, updos, beaded gowns, and neutral palettes.

Although last year’s choices were quite lovely, I predict you won’t see much black, off-white and red this year on the red carpet.  Instead of “playing it safe” like last year, I expect the stars to explode with color and shimmer brightly on the red carpet.

18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards - ArrivalsWho to Watch

Anne Hathaway

Taylor Swift

Nicole Kidman

Jennifer Lawrence

Emily Blunt

Naomi Watts

Angelina Jolie

Happy star gazing! Which award show are you looking most forward to watching?

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