Lifetime Movie Call Me Crazy Premieres 4/20

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Lifetime Movie Call Me Crazy Jennifer HudsonMental illness is a serious issue and one that comes with a negative stigma. It’s easy for people to rope others who suffer from mental illness and depression in the “crazy” category, when of course, that is not the case. More needs to be done to help turn around the stereotypes of those who have mental illness, and I wanted to inform you guys of an important film that is premiering on Lifetime that deals with this difficult issue.

Call Me Crazy: A Five Film, stars Oscar winners Jennifer Hudson, Melissa Leo, and Octavia Spencer, alongside actresses Sarah Hyland and Brittany Snow. It is comprised of five short stories, all named after the characters in the film: Lucy, Eddie, Allison, Grace, and Maggie, and gives us five vignettes with mental illness being at the core of each film. The movie focuses on the topic of mental illness and how others are affected by it. Afflictions such a schizophrenia, bipolar, manic depression, and other disorders are put in the epicenter of each story, and we learn how mental illness affects not only the person is invades, but also the people who must deal with those that suffer from it.

Ashley Judd, Laura Dern, and Bonnie Hunt each directed one of the films featured in Call Me Crazy.

Below is a description from Lifetime:

“Grace”, directed by Laura Dern and written by Howard J. Morris, explores bipolar disorder through the experience of a teenage daughter whose mother grapples with the condition. Also starring in “Grace” are Melissa Farman and Aimee Teegarden.

“Allison” weaves together comedy and family drama in a story about healing when its eldest daughter “Lucy” returns home from inpatient treatment and spoils her sister “Allison’s” unveiling of her new boyfriend to their parents. “Allison”, also featuring Ken Baumann, was written by Jan Oxenberg and is directed by Sharon Maguire.

“Eddie”, directed by Bonnie Hunt and written by Stephan Godchaux, delves into the world of depression as seen through the eyes of a comedian’s wife as she grapples with understanding how her husband Eddie, whom is so loved, can be so withdrawn and overcome with sadness. The short also stars Chelsea Handler and features appearances by Dave Foley, Jay Chandrasekhar, James Avery and Ross Mathews.

In “Maggie”, penned by Erin Cressida Wilson and directed by Ashley Judd, a female veteran returns home from war to her son and father, only to have her life shattered by the onset of posttraumatic stress disorder, through which her lawyer, “Lucy,” helps her. Melanie Griffith also stars in “Maggie.”

As someone who has family members with mental illness, I am certainly looking forward to watching it. I hope it sheds light on the negativity surrounding the disease and gives us a forum to change the stereotype of people suffering with mental disorders.

Call Me Crazy: A Five Film premieres on Lifetime Saturday, April 20th at 8/7 CST.



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      Joyce, with me being out of town, I missed it and didn’t even remember to DVR it. Hoping they will replay it so that I can watch it myself. I’ve heard great reviews about the film.

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