Blackberry Z10 Favorite Features Overview Video

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Can Blackberry lure me back into their graces? If you would’ve asked me that a year or so ago, I would’ve said no. But they are sure doing a good job trying to get the attention of iOS and Android users with their newest device, the Blackberry Z10. With it’s larger screen size, touchscreen, and improved browser for surfing, alongside their always impressive email delivery system, Blackberry is trying to come back hard! I recently received a Blackberry Z10 from Verizon to review and try out, and out of the box, I was intrigued.

Blackberry Z10 Favorite Features Overview VideoI’ve only had the Blackberry Z10 for a little over 48 hours now, so I am not prepared to do a full-on review. I did, however, record a video overview of my favorite features thus far on the device. Being an everyday tech gal and Digital Debutante, I am not impressed by specs of a phone, but rather, does it answer these questions:

  • Does it improve my lifestyle?
  • Is it easy (and fun) to use? Enjoyability.
  • How fast can I complete tasks?
  • Use compared to other devices
  • Price point and network

Those are all questions I will answer in a full review, after I’ve had time to really get to know the phone. In the meantime, you can check out my video of the four features I liked about the Blackberry Z10 right out of the box.

(Email subscribers and feed readers, you can click HERE to view the video)

I, for one, am rooting for Blackberry. And so far, I like the improvements that they have made with the Blackberry Z10. I would like to see more applications, which are still limited on the Blackberry OS. As we all know, apps can make an okay phone GREAT. The limited apps make it hard for me to really enjoy the phone, as I am switching to my other devices to utilize the apps on those.

What do you think about Blackberry’s makeover? On point, or too late?



  1. says

    Now you know, I was the last person on earth to abandon Blackberry. I wish they would send me I want to test it out. I wonder how long will it be before they get instagram because I’m a bit addicted to that now. This Iphone 5 battery life is pretty horrible though. I think the max I can get it to last without the screen super bright is 12 hours. Look forward to your full review on the blackberry

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