Teacher Appreciation Day DIY Crayon Vase Gift Idea

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The Perfect Way to Tell Teacher Thank You: DIY Whimsical Crayon Vase

Written By: Katie Femia, DIY & Craft Contributor

Teacher Appreciation Day DIY Crayon Vase Gift IdeaWhat better way to show your thanks than to have your child handcraft something special for them? Children love giving gifts from the heart, and this simple Teacher Appreciation Day DIY is the perfect choice! With just a few supplies, your child can make a whimsical crayon vase, perfect for showing their teacher how much they are loved.

This whimsical crayon vase does not require a great deal of time or money. So if you are on a budget it is the perfect choice. Everything you need can either be found around the home, or at your local thrift or dollar store. Take a peek at how easy it is to make your own Whimsical Crayon Vase and show your child’s teacher how truly special they are!

Materials Needed:
48 pack of crayons
Small Square glass vase
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks

Optional Vase Fillers:
Faux or real flowers

Teacher Appreciation Day DIY Crayon Vase Gift Items

All of these above supplies were found at my local dollar store. You can also use crayons you already have as well as a thrift store vase to save even more money. Choose one of the vase filler options to complete your finished project.

1. Make sure your vase is clean and wiped dry.
2. Apply a bead of glue to the sides and press a crayon to it pointed side up.
3. Press and hold until it is firmly in place.
4. Repeat until you have covered the surface of the vase.
5. Allow thorough time to dry.
6. You can alternate colors or create a pattern with the crayons of your choice.

Teacher Appreciation Day DIY Crayon Vase Gift How-To

When finished and dry, you can do a variety of things with this vase. You can fill it with candy, place pencils in it, add a battery operated votive, or even put fresh or faux flowers inside. Whatever gift you choose is sure to be enjoyed! You can also add a custom greeting card if you wish! There are so many ways to personalize this project and make it fun.

The nice thing about this project is the finished craft is so colorful and vibrant, yet it only costs a few dollars to make. Also, kids can easily get in on the action (just supervise any hot glue use) and be proud of making this craft themselves.

Teacher Appreciation Day DIY Crayon Vase Gift Idea

This year, show your child’s teacher just amazing he or she is. Make one of these whimsical crayon vases and stuff it with a special treat. Then, give them a gift they are not soon to forget. This vase should hold up year after year and be a colorful addition to their desk!

So cheers to another great school year, and happy crafting!



  1. Shannon says

    Such a super cute idea and I have seen that vase for sure at the local dollar store and I have extra crayons around too! It would also make a colorful desk organizer after the flowers are gone for the teachers desk to keep paperclips or other small items! Thanks for the idea!

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