Back to School Cool: DIY Dollar Store Locker Mirror

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DIY Dollar Store Locker Mirror

What is the number one accessory that every school locker needs? A mirror of course! A mirror can always come in handy between classes when you need to check your hair and make up of course, or just to be sure any of your lunch didn’t end up between your teeth! Sure you could spend $10 and up at your local retail store on a mirror that is fun and fashionable, but why not try making your own instead? This way, you can be sure no one else has one like yours since it will be custom and one of a kind. To make your own locker mirror, you don’t need to go any further than your local dollar store to dig up all of the supplies you need. Take a look below at how easy it is to make your own locker mirror for less!

DIY Dollar Store Locker Mirror:

Supplies Needed:
* Small magnetic mirror
* Hot glue gun and glue sticks
*Jewel embellishments
* Fine crafting glitter

All four of these supplies were able to be found at my local dollar store. So my final price for this activity was an inexpensive $4. You can’t beat that! Talk about getting back to school for less.

DIY Dollar Store Locker Mirror Materials

1. Lay out all of your supplies so it is easy to visualize what you are working with and how you want to arrange your embellishments on your mirror.
2. Apply one small dab of glue at a time to the mirror frame and press a jewel to it. Hold your jewel into place for several seconds until secure.
3. Repeat until your frame is covered in the jewels. You can then start stacking a second layer if you wish to add more depth and color.
4. Now, you want to fill in the small cracks with some more color and pizzazz. To do this, apply small dabs of glue in between any cracks.
5. Sprinkle on your fine glitter, dusting it over the glue so it fills in the cracks.
6. After a few seconds, turn the mirror over so the extra glitter comes off. Shake lightly.
7. Now, look at your mirror to see if you need to repeat the process and apply more glitter to fill in any remaining empty spaces.
8. Set your mirror aside and allow plenty of time to dry.

DIY Dollar Store Locker Mirror

Once your mirror is dry, tuck it away safely until it is ready to hang. The magnetic backing will make it a cinch to attach it right to your locker door. This way, it will always be ready when you need to take a quick peek in the mirror and make sure you are looking your best. When the year is over, it is easy to remove and won’t leave any damage to your locker!

Since this piece is magnetic, you can even hang it on your refrigerator at home or any other metal surface. Give this fun back to school DIY a try and see how easy it is to make your own custom locker mirror you can be proud of!

Written By Katie Femia, DIY & Craft Contributor


    • says

      Hmm, I have a few ideas. Why not take poster board and make a pencil holder on the side of the locker. He can decorate the holder any way he wants. You can also take comic books and cut them and fashion the comics on frames which can house some of his favorite pictures of himself and friends and family. You can also take a small clipboard and use “chalkboard” paint on it. Hook it on the inside of his locker. He can use it to write messages/reminders with chalk, or use it to clip papers and things. Just a few suggestions. :-)

      • Val says

        Yes, those are great! Thanks so much. I’m not a crafty person. So when I asked another friend she suggested the colored duct tape. These are cool ideas.

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