2011 Year of the Woman: Vote for Your Woman of the Year

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Make no mistake about it—when it comes to leaping tall buildings in a single bound, it is women who have become the true superheroes in our society. So much so that a wonderful opportunity has been created in order to spotlight the wonderful things us women do on a daily basis. It is time for us to get major shine!

2011 and been declared at the Year of the Woman by Angelfish Connections and Capturetainment, two female owned powerhouses located in Florida. In order to make a statement and to get the word out about this initiative, the two entities listed above are sponsoring a Woman of the Year contest.

Why is 2011 the year of the woman? According to the information provided: “..in America alone, women account for 85% of all consumer purchases; everything from cars to healthcare services. The modern economy is in fact becoming a place where women hold the cards.”

In order to celebrate this, we need to pat ourselves on the back and recognize one another for the accomplishments we have made.

It’s time to make your mark by nominating a woman that you know who has made great strides in her career, her life, and her personal achievements.

“We want to celebrate all the amazing, courageous and driven woman out there who go through the daily hurdles of juggling a successful career as well as a successful home life,” said Tatyana Svechin, Director of Operations of Capturetainment.

We’ve heard the call and now it is time to answer. Take the time now to nominate a woman in your life who has made a positive impact. To place your nomination, please visit the official 2011 Year of the Woman site HERE. The most impressive woman will be picked based on submissions, and will be supported by a campaign molded around her individual accomplishments; including press releases, media interviews, possible speaking engagements and the prestigious, ‘2011 Woman of the Year Award’.

You can also follow this initiative on Facebook and on Twitter. Tell a friend to tell a friend, and let’s get the 2011 Year of the Woman campaign rolling by nominating women who have truly broke the mold. Please spread this to your social networks—the louder the voice, the more powerful the movement!

And be looking out for more information, news, and insight from me about this wonderful idea. As a true Cubicle Chick who juggles career, family, life, and all things fabulous, I have the inside scoop regarding this exciting event.

Who will you nominate for 2011 Woman of the Year? What do you think of the 2011 Year of the Woman Campaign?

(The nomination process began on 10/1/10 and will continue until 1/31/11. For a complete list of rules and awards, click HERE)

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