The Cube Style Icon: Pam Grier

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When I was a little, girl, I would sit and stare at Pam Grier in awe—my dad had a fascination with her much to my mom’s chagrin, and she was everywhere in my house. On the cover of Ebony, on Betamax covers of movies like Foxy Brown and Coffey, and every once and awhile, I would see her on television. She was a woman who was fierce, beautiful, and powerful—three things as a little girl I wanted to be.

And not only was Pam a fabulous sister who could rock a ‘fro and a long hair style with ease, but she was also a style icon who wore fashion like she was born to rock the runway. She was an untraditional beauty who didn’t confirm to rules of the status quo, and for that, I bow down to her greatness.

I’ve found a few pictures of Pam that to this day are timeless and still remarkably beautiful.


  1. Tyrone Horn says

    Recently i started getting Pam Griers movies on NetFlix and i was very impreesed with her acting. She was and stillis one of the most beautiful black women actor of today. I would love to get some information on Pam Grier because in the 70’s i was too young to go to the movies to see this beautiful actor and i feel so lost in time. I knew who she was and everyone used to talk about this sexy lady all the time.Please send me something on her. Thank You!
    Tyrone Horn.

  2. says

    Your the best. I always wanted to see you but I never could and I seen all your shows. I would like to hear from you before im old and gray. Your the best. Write me. <3

  3. says

    I completely understand your dad! LOL. Like millions of American males, I had a fascination with her since I can remember. She is stunningly beautiful and a personable and down-to-earth woman.

    I had the pleasure of meeting her once at The New York Urban League right before she gave a speech there. The introduction took place in the main lobby with just a handful of bystanders: “Pam, this is Steve. Steve…Pam.”

    She was very friendly and kind, and it was all I could do not to make the news that night! LOL.

    Classic beauty and grace.

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