Behind the Scenes at Oprah’s Lifeclass Taping in St. Louis

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As many of you already know, I was given the honor and the privilege to attend Oprah’s Lifeclass The Tour, when it began here in St. Louis last month. During that experience, we were not only the same room as Queen O, but we were able to get a few glimpses behind-the-scenes at how the Oprah conglomeration is run. It was quite fascinating to see Oprah at work during the breaks talking to her production team. She certainly didn’t get as successful as she was on her own—-she has a team of dedicated staffers who go above and beyond duty to create amazing experiences for her fans and viewers.

Here are a few things I learned about Oprah behind-the-scenes:

  • Oprah wears her nice shoes “or red bottoms as she referred to them as” when they can be seen on camera. When she is walking in the audience, or sitting behind a podium or table, she is in flats. Her director kept putting on and taking off her shoes during the entire 2 hour show.
  • Oprah wears a size 11 shoe ya’ll. Yes, she told us that during the break.
  • A selected team of A list bloggers were seated in the very front middle section of the show and so they could Tweet, Facebook, etc. I saw this group of people and didn’t know who they were until I read this article, which I was mentioned. Check it out!
  • The music that played while we were taping was the bomb. We listened to everything from LMFAO to Whitney Houston. Oprah’s staff knew just the kind of music we needed in order to get pumped.
  • Oprah has a potty mouth (some of you may already known this from her show Season 25, Oprah Behind the Scenes)
  • Oprah and her staff have integrated social media so much into the whole Lifeclass experience, even a social media enthusiast like me was impressed.
  • Oprah isn’t just a Lifeclass teacher. She is a Lifeclass student. And she was taking notes!
  • Iyanla and Oprah have a kindred spirit type of sisterhood that was very touching to watch. They are girlfriends who are not afraid to be honest with one another. On live TV!
  • Oprah runs a tight ship. She had to correct her staff a few times during the breaks. Not in a mean way, but in a, “you know we are in front of a live audience, don’t make me check you” kind of way.
  • Queen O is smaller in person. And I need to know what type of Spanx she wears to keep those Lady Lumps on point. Simply gorgeous!

I shared with you a few pictures from the Lifeclass taping with Iyanla Vanzant a few weeks ago, but I added a few more as well as a video of us singing Whitney before the show started (sorry so short, I began taping near the end)

The Lifeclass stage was epic

The Oprah Winfrey Show executive producer & HARPO President Sheri Salata

I told you Oprah’s Spanx are the truth!

Iyanla and Oprah “Standing With Steve”

Have you been watching Oprah’s Lifeclass? What are your thoughts?


    • says

      LOL. She has a potty mouth, but in a very elegant way (if that is even possible). She said a curse word or two a few times, but she did that a lot on her Oprah Behind the Scenes show documenting her last season of the Oprah Winfrey Show. :)

  1. says

    Yeah, she checked them and it was funny! Oprah must wear the ultimate Spanx, because she was tight and working that dress! I love Spanx, it’s a must for me because it helps control my hips. Still learning from Lifeclass, so glad for this experience.
    Whitney Eiland�´s last blog post ..Inner City Blues

  2. JaTara says

    I’m glad you cleared that up about the shoes. I’ve been peeping her shoe game these past 3 weeks and was wondering if she actually walked around in her heels for 2 hours straight. Does the director actually follow her around holding a pair of shoes?

    I was overjoyed to find Iyanla was going to be hosting her own show on OWN. I always felt that only Oprah could create a show for Iyanla that honored her gifts so I’m happy to see that not only they resolved their differences, they also moved forward with having a new show for Iyanla.

  3. M_No says

    I am going to the Toronto Life Class and can’t really seem to find info on what to bring. What is the day structured like? Should I bring a snack, a full lunch? Silly questions, I know but I just wanna be prepared. Thanks :)

    • says

      Thanks for commenting, Michelle. You are in for a real treat! Basically, you may be in line to get inside for awhile, so you may want to bring something to eat with you, a light snack. They do search your purse when you come in, so you can’t bring any food in with you in the venue. There are usually concession stands that you can buy items. Get there for your taping early, because if you don’t have assigned seats, it will be first come, first served. Brings flats with you too. I had flats with me and put on my heels right before the taping. Wear bright colors, they show up well on camera. And they will have wifi for you guys when you are in the venue, so bring your smartphones, tablets, etc. Hope that helps!

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