6 Fall Fashion Trends That Will Make You Tumble for Autumn

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Written By: Style and Fashion Contributor, Coco Michelle

After a long, humid summer, nothing feels better than a cool, crisp autumn breeze. Finally, summer is on it’s last leg and soon we‘ll happily pull out our sweaters and boots and scarves…oh my!

It’s time to go shopping for this season’s latest Fall fashion trends. There’s no better way to celebrate Autumn than by adding a few strategic fashion pieces to your closet. You can be on fashion’s cutting edge by adding these six hot looks to your Fall wardrobe!

Cinched Waist
A cinched waist is not only slenderizing, it is also one of the hottest Fall trends. The cinched, structured waist was all over the Fall fashion runways. From the androgynous military chic look to the tailored, matched pants or skirt suit. This season’s cinched waist conveys a touch of brawn with a hint of curvy sexiness. Pair this look with sky high heels and you are all set for Fall!

Say it with Nail Color
Make a style statement with bold nail colors and designs. Red nail color will never die! But you can expand your color palette with egg plant purple, navy blue or bright chartreuse. A twist on the bold nail color trend is the “reverse” French manicure with titanium-colored tips instead of the traditional white. Fabulous!

Color Blocking Fab
Another trend making a comeback is color blocking. I thought I’d seen the last of color blocking in a 1990’s Guy music video. But it’s back and amazing! The 21st century color-blocking interpretation is sleeker and less pronounced. You’ll notice this trend in shoes and accessories.

Necklaces & Chokers
Be daring and purchase a big, chunky necklace. The round, bibbed necklaces and chokers can be used to accentuate your décolleté and nicely accessorize a modest blouse.

Think Floral Prints
You’ll feel chic and feminine when you add bold, dark floral prints to your Fall fashion palette. Floral prints have been a trending item since the Spring. But Fall’s floral prints are moody, dark and mysterious with rich, Asian-inspired hues of red, green and purple.

Silver Metallics

Throw away convention and wear white and silver this Fall. White after labor day? Absolutely! Plus, this look is suitable for almost everyone! Young or old, thick or thin, there’s nothing more alluring than a woman ignoring convention and rocking white and silver on a cool, crisp day. To pull off this Fall look successfully, the silver (platinum, titanium)should be prevalent but not overbearing. Fabrics should be heavier and more substantial. Muted make-up and a long, sleek pony tail will complete the look!

You will be fly, fabulous, and fashionable with these 6 fashion trends that will surely be making an impact during the fall season. Purchasing a few of these signature trend items will take your looks further.

What are the trends you are most looking to see this fall?

Photo credit: Glamour

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